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Humanizing Business was founded by me, Nathalie Soeteman. With the
purpose of helping organizations, individuals and their relationships
to humanize and connect. From my own experience I know how important
it is to really connect with yourself and others, as a human being. And to
identify and cultivate each others interests and talents. I would be happy
to help you – and your team – to also see, feel and apply this in your life.
With advice, coaching and training.

From push to dialogue, with sustainable results.

Consulting, training and coaching

Independently and in collaboration with Power2Improve and Enyini, Humanizing Business provides various trainings, inspiration sessions, coaching, workshops and lectures in the field of marketing, communications, PR, social media, innovation and (personal) leadership. Both for teams and individuals. Because no development needs the same, our programs are specially tailored to your – or your team’s – needs. Ideally we combine training with coaching, so that the learnings can be applied in practice effectively right away.

Continuously, we focus on how you can help each other to use your own passion and talents to the full. With optimal results for you, your team, your organization and your customers, suppliers and other stakeholders as a result.

Examples of questions that participants answered recently during training provided by Humanizing Business:

  • How do I give my stakeholders what is really of added value to them?
  • What drives my clients, colleagues and suppliers? How do I really help them?
  • What is the motivation of the people with whom I work in relation to that of myself?
  • How do I make my customers, employees and other business contacts happy, in stead of
    satisfied? What does that imply for our relationship, and our operating results?
  • How do I use enthusiasm? What is the role of social media?


Do you want to be able to add real value? To be completely yourself, both at work and in your private life? Do you long for a job that really suits your talents and personality? Do you want to communicate more effectively? From person to person, online and offline? Please feel free to contact me, to discuss how I can help you.

Photo: Esther Blom

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